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We have a great vending opportunity with BECO Management Properties starting this May.  This opportunity is for all food trucks! 

BECO Management, Inc. has asked us to manage a rotation of lunchtime food trucks at three of their properties in Fairfax County, one in the Town of Herndon, VA and one in the City of Alexandria, VA.  The service period is from 11:00AM – 2:00PM.  The properties are as follows:

1.  Hallmark Building (1 truck on Tuesdays): 13873 Park Center Rd., Herndon, VA  20171

2.  Fifty West  (1 truck on Thursdays): 3975 Fair Ridge Dr. Fairfax, VA 22033

3.  Southgate (1 truck every other Tuesday): 4500 Southgate Place, Chantilly, VA  20151

4.  BECO Park Herndon (1 truck on Wednesdays): 500-540 Huntmar Park Dr., Herndon, VA  20170

5.  Poplar Run (1 truck on Tuesdays) 5285 Shawnee Road, Alexandria, VA  22312


Procedures to Become an Authorized Vendor.  If you are interested in vending at any or all of these properties, you first need to become an Authorized Vendor.  Here are the steps you need to take:

(1)      Email us at admin@dmvfta.org and provide us with your name, address and phone number, the name of your business, and the locations where you’d like to vend.   We'll send you copies of the information you need to become an Authorized Vendor at those locations.  For Hallmark, Fifty West and Southgate in Fairfax County, you will receive a copy of BECOManagement’s permission letter and Food Truck Location Permit that you can take to the Fairfax County Zoning office to get your Food Truck Operations Permit.  For BECO Park Herndon in the Town of Herndon, you will receive a copy of BECO Management’s permission letter that you will need to take to the Town to become licensed there.  For Poplar Run in the City of Alexandria, if you are not already a licensed vendor in Alexandria, you will need to become one.  Here is a link to their procedures:http://dmvfta.org/alexandria

(2)      Provide us with the following documentation: 

(a) For the Fairfax County properties:  copies of (1) your Food Truck Operations Permit issued by Fairfax County Zoning listing the property as the location; (2) your current Fairfax County Peddlers License; and (3) your current Fairfax County DOH Food Establishment Permit;

(b) For the Town of Herndon property: copies of (1) your Mobile Food Unit Preparer Full Service Zoning Permit issued by the Town of Herndon; (2) your Town of Herndon Business License and (3) your current Fairfax County DOH Food Establishment Permit;

(c) For the City of Alexandria property: copy of (1) your Food Truck Vendor Permit and (2) your Alexandria Health Department Permit; and

(d) For ALL properties:  a Certificate of Insurance (COI) with policy limits of at least $1Million in general liability, at least $1Million in automobile liability and at least $2Million in aggregate coverage and listing the following as additional insureds:

For Hallmark: BRIT-Hallmark LLC and DC Food Trucks Association, Inc.

For Fifty West: BRIT-Fifty West LLC and DC Food Trucks Association, Inc.

For Southgate: BRIT-Southgate LLC and DC Food Trucks Association, Inc.

For BECO Park Herndon: BRIT-Herndon Square LLC and DC Food Trucks Association, Inc.

For Poplar Run:  BRIT-Poplar Run LLC and DC Food Trucks Association, Inc.

(3)      Once we receive all of that information we will review it for completeness.  If it is complete, you will receive an email granting your status as an Authorized Vendor and you will be allowed to vend on The Property.   It is your responsibility to keep all of these documents current and valid and send us new copies of these documents to replace any that have expired.  Failure to keep all permits, licenses and insurance current and provide us with copies will result in loss of your status as an Authorized Vendor.  Only Authorized Vendors will be granted access to the properties

Membership and Vending Fee:

Although we would like you to consider joining our Association, you do not need to be a member of the DMVFTA in order to become an Authorized Vendor.  In order to cover our costs of managing the vendors, we will be implementing a fee to vend at the properties.  The initial fee will be $25/day for members and $40/day for non-members.  These fees are subject to change depending on factors including demand and seasonality.  You will be notified of any changes in the fees.

Assignment of Vending Spaces:

For now, the vending spaces at each location will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis using our online sign up system.  If first-come, first-served does not work well, we will implement a mechanism to assign the spaces in a fair and equitable manner based on your preferences for which days of the week you would like to vend and which will ensure that all vendors have equal access to the spaces.

Please note that once you have paid for your assignment, it is deemed final and you must appear and vend at the property on your assigned day(s).  Failure to appear and vend on your assigned day(s) may result in the suspension of your status as an Authorized Vendor.  This is intended to ensure that all available vending locations are being utilized.

If you have any questions regarding these procedures, please feel free to contact Andie Himmelrich at admin@dmvfta.org.

We look forward to working with you to make vending at the these properties a huge success!

Thank you!

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