Since the first food truck opened in our area in 2009, the food truck community has been investing in the local economy, creating jobs and helping to revitalize underdeveloped areas. 


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Behind The Wheel


Behind The Wheel is an initiative to expose the personalities behind DMV'S favorite food trucks.

These spotlights are made to highlight all the things that make our members unique and showcase our diverse industry!

Roro Asmar

Owner of 

Roro's: Modern Cuisine

Meet Robert Asmar, better known as Roro. Roro is the dynamic chef behind the wheel of Roro’s: Modern Lebanese food truck. Roros life and food truck mission are backed by a strong philosophy that healthy food leads to well being and a balanced life.

A lot of Roro’s inspiration for his food came from his family. Roro grew up surrounded by Lebanese food and helping his family cook . His parents emigrated from Lebanon bringing with them their culture as they started their own hummus company, Asmar’s Hummus. Roro himself says “Lebanese cuisine was instilled in me at a very early age; it’s in my blood.” He would watch in awe as his grandmother  handmade tabbouleh; he would help as his father prepared the chickpeas for the hummus.

Roro dreamed of going to culinary school to pursue his passion in food, but under his parents request to achieve their idea of the “american dream”, he attended college to study business. Dealing with a career path he didn't like, Roro was struggling to find his passion. With his entrepreneurial spirit, Roro sought a french restaurant near his college for experience where spent several months learning techniques, skills and best practices of cooking.

Cooking transformed Roro’s life - he found his passion in food, health and nutrition. This philosophy allows Roro to pursue a healthy personal lifestyle and showcases these aspects through his food truck.  

Roro’s Food Trucks is unique to DC in that it focuses heavily on vegan and vegetarian options. Roro himself eats vegan and since middle eastern food tends to be on the healthier side with more plant based options it was easy to make signature Lebanese dishes vegan and vegetarian friendly.

Some plant-based vegetarian menu items include Za’atar Cauliflower tacos, loaded cauliflower fries, BBQ jackfruit tacos, falafel wrap and new menu items are added regularly.

Roro is passionate about what he does and you can find that in his food, menu items and through his high-spirited personality. He dreams one day to make his menu completely plant based, but for now even meat lovers will be able to enjoy the delicious food.


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